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Discussion three for Eighty Days!

Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World

This is to discuss through Chapter 12!

Elizabeth Bisland is on her way to California. We get to learn about how horribly Chinese immigrants were treated. We don’t learn a lot about her Pacific Ocean voyage. She arrives in Japan and absolutely loves it there.

Nellie Bly goes to Egypt and then goes through the Suez canal. She does not like Englishmen. We also learn a great deal about Joseph Pulitizer.

Elizabeth Bisland goes to Hong Kong. We learn about how far the British empire expanded and how their superior firepower brought them there. Having telegraph lines allowed them to communicate quickly and be ready for revolts from native peoples.

The World has a Nellie Bly guessing match. Anyone who buys a copy of the paper can send in a ticket that has a guess for when Nellie Bly will finish her trip around the world. It becomes a huge sensation. Next she arrives at Ceylon (I had the audiobook and took me forever to find out how to friggin’ spell that) and considers it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. She gets delayed there waiting for her next ship and becomes very miffed. By the time the boat that they were waiting for arrives (the ship she was actually taking was waiting for it) she is so pissed she exclaims that she wants it to sink. Then she is back on her way.

Elizabeth is now in the tropics. She also loves her some British men. She also has a thing for doctors.

Nellie Bly gets a monkey and names him McGinty. It is a mean creature that doesn’t actually like her. A super creeper gets a crush on Nellie Bly and threatens to kill himself and also drag her under with him. He’s a super depressed guy and thinks drowning would be a calm death. She then learns about Elizabeth Bisland and that she is now in a race. It also is hard for her because she is behind schedule regardless of how her competitor is doing. She becomes determined to win no matter what.

1) How did you like this section?

2) Are there any particular places that our ladies have visited that you'd like to see as well? Do you feel inspired to do some traveling?

3) Do you think Nellie Bly will manage to catch up?

4) If you had a time machine, would this be a time period you'd like to visit?

5) Would you want a pet monkey?

6) Feel free to discuss any other thoughts!


1. I'm enjoying it a great deal! It's interesting learning about all of these places from two fairly different women.

2. The description of Japan when Bisland was there was absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite parts of the book so far, I think.

3. I do. She is unbelievably determined to make it on time and I think that if anyone could find a way to do, she could.

4. Maybe just to visit :D

5. Not at all.