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bookclubnonfict's Journal

Book Club - Nonfiction Style
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reading nonfiction books
Welcome to Nonfiction Bookclub! We will be reading and discussing nonfiction books at the rate of about one a month.


We shouldn't need a lot of rules here, but just in case...

1) No spoilers!
It's fine to read ahead of a selected book, but it's not okay to post spoilers beyond the stopping point. Any spoilers will be screened. We understand mistakes may happen, but don't want to ruin what happens for someone else.

2) Be nice.
There's bound to be topics to debate and we're very happy to have animated discussion, but NO personal attacks and no rudeness please.

3) No discrimination.
We don't tolerate that here.

4) No sharing of copyrighted material
In order to keep with LiveJournal's TOS, we do not allow sharing or any copyrighted material. It's also respectful to the authors writing the material we will be enjoying.

5) Have fun!
If you don't like a particular section one month, you don't have to read it. Feel free to wait until the next selection! We want you to have fun and enjoy the books, not to feel obligated to read them. It's all about enjoying reading together!